Chao Yue Xuan Dim Sum At Junction 9

Dim sum has always held a special place in my heart. Whenever I am out for a meal with a group of friends, dim sum would be the first thing I’d think of eating. Recently, I found myself frequenting the same old dim sum places, and thought of trying someplace new. That was when I chanced upon Chao Yue Xuan Dim Sum. 

Chao Yue Xuan Dim Sum has been the talk of the town as it’s headed by Chef Vanness Chai, who formerly cooked at the St Regis Hotel. Chef Vanness is also an award-winning chef who’s been lauded by juries around the world. The menu here features a variety of dim sum items, some of which I’ve never seen before, so I was enticed to head to Junction 9 with my colleague to check it out.

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Food at Chao Yue Xuan Dim Sum 

When the food arrived on the table, my colleague and I were immediately drawn to the Steam Yam Ball Stuffed with Coconut Cream and Mushroom Bun ($4.50+). This beautifully plated dish came with three palm-sized bao with cracked-top exteriors that resemble mushrooms. To further emulate the fungi, these bao sat atop a bed of crushed Oreos as a visual representation of soil. This dish looked so realistic that my colleague mistook the bao for ordinary shiitake mushrooms. 

Tearing into these buns revealed a lilac-coloured centre, with a lava-like cream. This filling had faint aromas of shallot and coconut, with a tinge of sweetness from the Oreo cookies. Unfortunately, the flavours were not as spectacular as the dish’s presentation. We felt that the fragrance of the orh nee could have been

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