For Haidilao lovers, I’m pretty sure you guys know about the hotpot hacks to get freebies and to stretch your dollar. However, here’s one that you might not have heard of. Haidilao also offers free drinks you can order after your meal! According to a Facebook netizen following Singapore Atrium Sale, you can order a free Coca-cola drink by simply asking the waiters.

Free Coca-Cola With Teddy & Rose Ice Cubes Image: Haidilao Singapore (Facebook)

What’s even better is that you can ask for a Teddy Bear Coke or 小熊可乐 in Mandarin and you will be served a special fizzy drink with ice cubes in the shape of teddy bears and rose flowers.

Here’s how the drinks look like:

Photo: Singapore Atrium Sale Image: Singapore Atrium Sale


Photo: Singapore Atrium Sale

Each drink comes with a scoop of ice cream, essentially meaning you’re getting a Coke float. The Teddy Bear ice cube is simply adorable, making it super Insta-worthy. Additionally, the Teddy Bear and Rose ice cubes are also Coca-Cola flavoured, ensuring your drink won’t be diluted.

The special drink is currently available at the Novena Royal Square branch but you can probably try asking for it at the other outlets.

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