Here’s some good news if you love Dim Sum! 5-Star Dim Sum has recently opened their second outlet at Rivervale Mall’s Food Junction in Sengkang! Opened by an ex-Shangri-La chef, you can expect to have hotel-quality dim sum at pretty affordable prices! On top of that, the newly-renovated Food Junction features designs inspired by HDB void decks, with iconic features including tiled dining tables and stools.

5-Star Dim Sum Opens Second Outlet At Sengkang Photo:@5stardimsum.meiling (Instagram) Image:@sillynelly (Instagram)

5-Star Dim Sum opened its first outlet in February this year at Meiling Street in Queenstown. Despite only opening early this year, they have already gained immense popularity for their affordable dim sum. The owner, Chef Yiu Wah Tai, has over 30 years of experience in making Cantonese-style dim sum. Some of the notable restaurants he has worked at in Singapore include Jiang-Nan Chun at Four Seasons Hotel and Shang Palace Restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel.

Photo:@sillynelly (Instagram) Image:@sillynelly (Instagram)

You can expect to find more than 30 items at 5-Star Dim sum including new items such as Roasted Pork Crisp ($4) and Fried Taro Dumplings ($4). If you need some carbs with your meal, you can choose from an array of steamed rice dishes such as Pork Rib with Chicken Feet Steamed Rice

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