With the coconut shake craze taking over Singapore, even eateries are starting to join in! Tucked away at Tampines lies Cocokata where they serve a fusion of Thai food with the flavours of coconut! Coconut-themed Thai food might sound a little unusual to some of you but Cocokata certainly puts any doubts to rest with their scrumptious dishes! If you like your classic cuisines with a little twist, Cocokata is a place you definitely must try!

Coconut-Themed Thai Food & Mookata Photo: Singapore Foodie Image: Singapore Foodie

Cocokata is a relatively new stall, having opened only in May this year. The business was started by a group of four friends, where the idea dawned on them as they were having mookata together.With the coconut craze taking over Singapore, they went into numerous R&D to create their signature Thai food & Mookata made with coconut! Definitely a unique menu offering!

Seabass With Signature Coconut Sauce ($25) Photo: Singapore Foodie

The Coconut Sauce Seabass is a unique dish you definitely have to try! The seabass is fried to perfection, with a crispy golden brown skin. Perfect for the spice lovers, this dish seriously packs a punch! Mix the fragrant and flavourful coconut sauce with the soft and perfectly cooked fish for a balance of textures and flavours! With the spice to kick in at the end, every bite is simply delicious! Indeed a very

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