Greetings! We had uncovered many hidden gems in food centres. On our sunny island, you will be able to find chee cheong fun stuffed with different fillings, interesting oyster cakes, and even fried chicken cutlets with curry egg noodles. Now, it is time to shed some light on one of Singapore’s rarest gems!

Tau Kwa Pau At Dunman Food Centre


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If you love beancurd, you are going to love this dish. Have you heard about tau kwa pau before? It is not to be mistaken with tau kwa pok. If this is unfamiliar to you, not to worry. Some netizens even mentioned that there is only one hawker stall that serves this islandwide.


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Tau kwa pau is beancurd cubes with a combination of braised egg, cucumbers, fried yam, pork, and fried fish cake. To tie everything together, the beautiful mixture is generously drenched in braised duck sauce. You can find this one-of-a-kind dish at Say Seng Tau Kwa Pau, affordably priced at $1.50 each.


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