With the rise of superhero movies in the past few years, it’s safe to say it’s a very appealing topic. How cool would it be to have a superhero-themed restaurant? Well, luckily for us, The Shakehouse By Love, Food Club has reopened spectacularly! Their superhero-themed restaurant is sure to catch your attention as the walls are filled with comic memorabilia- from both DC and Marvel! The food is also beyond super! Much like the heroes on their walls, their food comes from all sorts of backgrounds and is constantly changing! Truly a unique place to enjoy your dinner.

Superhero-Themed Restaurant At Tessensohn Road Photo: Singapore Foodie

The owner, Mr Suhari, is very much a superhero on his own! In his youth, he was an avid traveller- learning various cuisines from around the world! Reminiscent of Batman! He has accumulated 10 years of experience in the culinary world, making him well versed in this chaotic industry! This restaurant also boasts an ever-changing menu- constantly adapting to the times to meet customer satisfaction! The restaurant itself was a place he and his wife inherited, and with his love of comics, completely took as his own!

Image: Singapore Foodie

The restaurant itself exudes warmth and a homely vibe. The comics and action figures that decorate the walls take you back to your childhood! The moment you take your seat and prepare to order, you feel a youthful glee that envelops you. With scrumptious food mixed with a bit of nostalgia, you get an outstanding dining experience!

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