Peranakan food in Singapore is currently booming! It is the combination of a lot of different cuisines in one, creating amazing new flavours! At Babba, you will receive an amazing food experience, chill atmosphere and amazing service! They serve a variety of authentic Peranakan dishes, mainly comprising of brunch and dinner items. This Cafe is the perfect mix of traditional and trendy!

Scrumptious Peranakan Dishes At Jalan Riang Photo: @eatwithfelz (Instagram)

The atmosphere of Babba is something to behold. It has Peranakan-style decor with Ratan-themed chairs, marble tables and white walls. The green shrubbery hung at the ceiling adds warmth and a calming vibe to the overall environment! Their wide and open windows show off the bustling crowd outside. At night, you get an amazing view of Singapore’s nightlife! The overall vibe of the cafe is simply unrivalled.

Image: @eatwithfelz (Instagram)

The food at Babba emphasizes tradition. They pride themselves on several qualities: great ingredients, authentic recipes and traditional cooking methods. Their menu is carefully curated to fully encompass Peranakan cuisine. However, that is not all they serve! They also serve western-style dishes, especially their breakfast sandwiches and pasta!

Traditional And Trendy Peranakan Food Photo: @missybela2828 (Instagram)

Their Kueh Pie Tee ($17.00) is a famous starter that many patrons enjoy! It has a crisp and flaky crust, sweet and fresh crab and tart braised turnip to cut through the richness. It is the perfect balance of richness and freshness- the perfect starter to

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