Looking for a new take on the classic Roti John? How about trying Roti John with Cheese? Also known as an omelette-like sandwich with either beef or chicken, Nur Jannatun Naim at 511 Bedok Food Centre does hers with a twist – with some added cheesy goodness served with her homemade chilli!

Scrumptious Roti John At Bedok Image: Singapore Foodie

Located at the entrance of 511 Bedok Food Centre, Nur Jannatun Naim has been running since 1990! Though their menu includes Sabsuka and Western food, the Beef Roti John with Cheese ($4.50) is one of the more popular items on the menu here.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

The cheese gives the classic Roti John a new taste, making it as if you’re eating a higher-quality omelette sandwich! Though initially from its looks, it may seem as if it is just another typical homemade omelette sandwich. However, be prepared to be blown away at how perfectly made this sandwich is! A crispy yet soft bread with minced beef, cheese, egg and onions, what’s there not to love about this dish? With all the ingredients being seasoned perfectly, it’s a burst of flavours when you dig into this dish!

Image: Singapore Foodie

The addition of minced beef, cheese and onions also changes the entire sandwich eating experience! You get so many flavours coming from the different ingredients,

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