There’s nothing like having an ice-cold dessert to beat the scorching heat we have here in Singapore. If you’re ever craving a tasty bowl of Chendol to cool you off, Ye Tang Chendol at Beauty World Food Centre is the perfect spot to check out! Serving up authentic Penang-style chendol, this hidden gem is definitely not to be missed!

Hidden Gem At Beauty World Photo: Singapore Foodie

Hailing from Penang, the owner decided to open up her own chendol stall as she couldn’t find one in Singapore that matched the ones she grew up eating. She left her corporate job and soon opened Ye Tang Chendol and continues serving one of the best desserts at Beauty World Food Centre to this day! Everything is made from scratch and even the Gula Melaka is imported all the way from Malacca. The chendol jelly, red bean, and coconut milk are prepared fresh daily, ensuring customers enjoy only the freshest of ingredients for the best quality!

Image: Singapore Foodie

The Chendol is offered in two main variations- one with red beans at $2.50 and the other without at $2. As compared to your typical stalls that serve shaved-ice desserts like ice kachang, the ice here is shaved more finely. This gives it a smoother texture, almost similar to Bingsu! However, this makes it melt faster as well, so be sure to eat it fast! The gula melaka has the perfect amount of sweetness and doesn’t have any trace of that artificial flavour. As for the coconut milk, it adds a touch

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